Home Phones

For safety after stroke you'll need a home phone,   especially if
you are unable to speak or have a speech problem.   If you need to
call 911,   you want them to know your location.   This cannot be done
on a cell phone.   If you canít tell them where you are,   they wonít be
able to send help.

Using a two-phone system after stroke can be less stress on everybody!
It's an intercom!   The stroke survivor has a phone with him.   The
family member or caregiver carries one around the house or the
yard.   If help is needed, a button is pushed.   It beeps on the other end.
Itís not a total stress reliever, but it certainly helps!

Check out the stores below.   Youíll find lots of house

101Phones Home Phones


Ameriphone Home Phones


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